Nicolai Hartmann International Conference

About the conference:

Nicolai Hartmann is one of those philosophers who had to wait a long time to be philosophically rediscovered. Interest in his philosophy has been minimal for a very long time. Fortunately, this situation has changed significantly in recent years, thanks to scientific conferences and seminars organized in different countries; in Italy, Poland, USA, Russia, and Germany, among others. Many studies and critical papers on his work have been published recently.

The conference scheduled for 2019 in Katowice will continue the systematic reception of his ideas. The last international conference on Nicolai Hartmann took place last year in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The aim of the conference in Katowice is to analyze the many general and specific aspects of Hartmann’s philosophy. We want to provide researchers on Nicolai Hartmann an opportunity to present the results of their research on the philosopher and his work. We welcome contributions in the field of “classical” history of philosophy, i.e. interpretations of Hartmann’s original ideas and critical analyses of the relation between Hartmann and other philosophers. But we also welcome papers considering the utility and validity of Hartmann’s philosophy for addressing current philosophical issues. Which of Hartmann’s ideas are acceptable today and which ones should be rejected as aberrations or illusions? We should not forget Hartmann’s claim that “epigones” can often see better. We are these epigones, are we not? Therefore, we also expect contributions that deal systematically with Hartmann’s philosophy. The point of view that founds Hartmann’s position is that philosophical progress means that we always gain a new and better understanding of the problems. In other words, Hartmann’s systematic philosophy needs to be systematically analyzed. The objective of the conference is to gather Hartmann researchers together and assess the positive (or perhaps negative) value of Hartmann’s philosophy.


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